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Serum Samples

Central BioHub GmbH

Explore our inventory of 200,000+ normal and disease state human serum samples available online on www.centralbiohub.com. We are regularly enhancing our inventory and adding more suppliers to our network. Start your product search by filtering for laboratory parameters, a disease in clear name or ICD-10 code. Refine your search by selecting the patient age, sex, ethnicity, BMI and medication. You can place the order online after adding the desired sample in the shopping cart and finish your purchase conveniently. We offer various payment methods to book the order, it includes but not limited to Debit card, purchase order, credit card etc. Blood serum is the liquid part of blood that is obtained as supernatant when centrifuging a clotted blood sample. In contrast to blood plasma, the serum is free of fibrinogen.

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