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Stephan Sander

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ImmoGnost GmbH is the future-oriented joint venture of the companies Fassisi GmbH (development and production of on-site rapid test systems for the veterinary sector) and miprolab GmbH (microbiological diagnostics and detection of biological warfare agents, bacteria, viruses, toxins and metabolites) and specialises in lateral flow analysis (LFA).

The two parent companies are based in Göttingen and have more than 10 years of experience in the development, production and use of rapid test systems for veterinary and human applications. Fassisi GmbH and miprolab GmbH have always been committed to cooperation in their work and are active in diagnostics networks from the biotech sector. This has already led to the production of the RACORDIAX COVID-19 antibody rapid test. Fassisi GmbH has several years of experience in the development of rapid test systems for coronaviruses from the development and production of a MERS-CoV rapid test (MERS: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) for camels.


SARS-CoV-2 An gen Rapid Test



Developed and manufactured in Germany