homeDX is a new digital ecosystem for in-vitro diagnostic applications in the context of telemedicine.


ImmoGnost GmbH is the future-oriented joint venture of the companies Fassisi GmbH (development and production...


Epimune Diagnostics develops and produces i.Mune™ in-vitro diagnostic tests for early detection and management of...


Founded as a family-run company in 1986, quartett ensures for more than 30 years consistent...

Chembio Diagnostics GmbH

Chembio Diagnostics Germany is a Berlin-based German subsidiary of Chembio Diagnostic Systems , Inc. based...

engine – the biomarker company

Discover Novel Biomarkers with our engine Screening Service. Your Question. Our Arrays. Your Result! You...

Central BioHub GmbH

Central BioHub is an online marketplace for human biospecimen within the field of Life Science and Diagnostic. We are specialized in E-Commerce. Our strength is the fast, easy and compliant process for online procurement of human biospecimen with 500.000+ samples available.

in.vent Diagnostica GmbH

in.vent Diagnostica is a company within the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We are specialized in the targeted procurement of human biomaterials. Our strength is to provide off-the-shelf and individually tailored products.

in.vent Clinical Services

in.vent Clinical Services (ICS) is a company within the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We are specialized in IVD-validation. Our strength is IVDR-compliant diagnostic studies.


MEDIPAN GmbH is a leading company in the development, manufacturing and marketing of IVD kits...

sifin diagnostics gmbh

sifin diagnostics GmbH is a company in the field of diagnostics since 1994. We are specialized in monoclonal antibodies. Our strength is to provide tailor-made antibodies and an excellent quality management.