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Neuendorfstraße 17, 16761 Hennigsdorf, Germany

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Dr. Karl Lewin Günther

Head of in.vent Clinical Services +49330255199550 SEND E-MAIL

in.vent Clinical Services

Full services for IVD validation

  • Diagnostic studies: Clinical and analytical performance studies, IVDR-proof!
  • All in one hand: One single contact is all you need!
  • Flexibility: Choose only the services you need from our portfolio!

in.vent Clinical Services (ICS) is a company within the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We are specialized in IVD-validation. Our strength is IVDR-compliant diagnostic studies.

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Analytical Performance Studies

in.vent Clinical Services

Analytical performance studies according to IVDR 2017/746

Clinical Performance Studies

in.vent Clinical Services

Clinical Performance Studies according to IVDR 2017/746